Man City vs Tottenham

Man City vs Tottenham: Tottenham must counter Manchester City counterattack to reserve its place in the Champions League semi-finals tonight.The Spurs were a bit ahead of their rivals in the Premier League thanks to the winner Hon-min Son last week.

But the recognition of Mauricio Pochettino after this victory in North London, that the City remains the favorite to win the Champions League, and not only his draw, is representative of the challenge facing the Spurs, despite this progress … and they will do it without Harry Kane.

The Shpor striker injured his ankle ligament in the first match, which could have eliminated him by the end of the season. The Spurs hope that the Son – and, perhaps, Lucas Moura – will lead his attack tonight.

Pochettino was barely a month after his first job in management. Barcelona was on the verge of winning all the honors that were offered to him. “Beat King Kong with a teaspoon,” as the Spanish newspaper announced its task.

Tonight should not be so difficult. Tottenham Hotspur is a much better team than Espanyol, and, of course, they don’t even have to beat Manchester City to get to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Harry Kane took on the task of blocking Fabian Delph’s run in the quarterfinal of the Tottenham Champions League and with unprecedented and bloated intensity, facing an opponent of Manchester City and twisting his ankles.

Tomorrow the match will be different. We have a slight advantage, but everything can turn out very quickly, ”said Lloris, telling his teammates that they should forget the result of the first stage. “We will meet with one of the best teams in Europe.”

Lloris is right. Like Barcelona at the start of 2009, Manchester City is the developing power of European football, pursuing an unprecedented number of great awards in its country. The only difference, this time, is that after Guardiola there are not three trophies. It’s four.

It was the same left ankle that Tottenham striker only hurt two months ago, and he quickly crossed the tunnel.

His Heung-min again took the opportunity to be Tottenham’s savior, just as he did when Kane missed seven games in January and February.

His son has frightened the crowd of the new Tottenham stadium. A few minutes after the treatment — and 20 minutes after Kane’s departure — Son dropped the ball into the net on Tuesday evening.

After receiving a pass to the right of Christian Eriksen, Sona’s unsuccessful first strike almost turned the ball over the line of legs, but he just kept him in the game. The ball came back and missed the call Delphi, before striking a low blow under goalkeeper Ederson in the 78th minute.

However, on Tuesday their number was secretly accepted that, knowing that they would play on Guardiola’s side, the place in the semifinal will be won after 90 minutes of hard work and struggle.

“We know that we will have to suffer,” said Hugo Lloris, a little persecuted. He will again mention the word. Twice really. “We are ready to suffer, because tomorrow we will suffer.

We need to check tomorrow but it looks the same, a similar issue,” Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino said. “Very sad, very disappointed, and it’s going to be tough for the rest of the season. We hope it’s not a big issue but there’s not much time to recover.”

Son has already shown he can more than fill in for Kane, who has 24 goals this season. When Kane missed those six weeks with a damaged ligament, Son scored four times.

“As a team, we never give up for 90 minutes — we fight,” Son said. “It was a very difficult game and in the end, we were more clinical than them.”

Son also scored in Tottenham’s first game at its $1.3 billion new stadium last week, and he now has 18 goals in a season that has seen him miss spells to go on South Korea duty at the Asian Games in August and the Asian Cup in January.

Of course, other digital comparisons between these clubs are also beneficial for the City. In the country, the difference is 16 points. The difference in translation costs is £ 305 million since the arrival of Guardiola. The appearance of the semi-finals of the era of the Champions League to zero.

And yet, with all due respect to their opponents, in this game there were also 1-0 reviews, with access to the last four ranks, the world’s leading stadium where you can return, this is undoubtedly Now Tottenham has the opportunity to declare itself this competition.

Those unfavourable numerical comparisons with City were not up for discussion. They would not be used as excuses. “You describe a reality and the reality is there,” Pochettino admitted. “But tomorrow, we are going to be on the pitch and try and win the game

For Pochettino, the Spurs time as aspirants to the throne is over. “After this season, one chapter will close, and we will start another chapter, and we need to make our fans understand what we want to do, which is not an easy task for the next few years.”

“With our new stadium, we must be rivals to fight for the Premier League and the Champions League, and find the tools to try to be there,” he said. “We are ambitious. We are not here because we like to play football, but because we love competitions and we like to win.